"Luminous (adj.) : full of or shedding light. bright or shining, especially in the dark"

It's a lifestyle of holding onto the light, wherever we find ourselves - a community of light-lovers looking for social change. We believe in the power of positive attitudes, encouraging others, living intentionally, creating good things, & coming together in hopes of furthering everyone's passions and dreams. We're here to let you know you're already brilliant, and you hold the power to spread goodness.

Our online shop is filled with thoughtfully created products with purpose.

"I wanted to grow beyond an Instagram movement and create products that people can have - tangible objects that they can bring into their every-day life as a reminder of this lifestyle. I have tattoos on my body as reminders of different things, and in the same way, wearing a shirt or cap can be a reminder or even conversational piece to further this positivity movement "
- Zoey Jean, creator of Luminous


You’re worth far more than you know, or hear about. People forget to acknowledge the value they see in others. Change the game and remind people of their worth, so they don’t have to wonder. They’re worth it. Be vocal. Be intentional.


It's pretty simple. 


There are people who have this innate gift of being joyfully and entirely themselves, with a contagious inner light. They are luminous. But they often aren't told just how powerful that attitude is. We're here to encourage their spark and invite others to also embrace the power they hold for social impact. We already know the darkness that's written all over the story of the world - but we're here declaring the power of light & the simple fact that it always prevails. Even the smallest bulb in the darkest room - it's still glowing. We're asking you to be intentional about what you put into the world through the life you live. Practice reckless optimism & be vocal about the goodness you see in the world. Share your thoughts & moments on Instagram with our hashtag #liveluminous and stick with us as we uncover everything that's yet to come in this light lead journey.