This is Luminous

I'm Zoey Jean. 

And this is Luminous.

This whole idea started a few months after I took a highly praised personality test telling me that Positivity was one of my top strengths in life.

I know I've always been a pretty cheerful person, looked on the bright side of life, and have been able to make other people laugh or smile without much thought. I just didn't realize the power behind those second-nature things. 

A few weeks after finishing up a very enriching and successful internship with KK INTL in California, I was back home, 20 years old, and faced with the decision of what to do next in life. 

I think I was inspired to establish Luminous because of the continual encouraging feedback I've received from others about the uplifting themes I carry out in my personal Instagram account, @zoeyjean. It was wild, how I was single-handedly having such a positive impact on so many people. Through frequent comments and multiple direct messages started by, " I know you don't know me, but your page encouraged me to . . .  " or, " . . . post helped me to . . . ", I realized the power of a positive heart in a social media world that is filled with so many other negative, or just meaningless messages.

As strong-willed as I am, I’ve never been one to think that I can do everything alone. I know FAR too well that anything big trying to be accomplished is far more successful when many passionate and skilled hands are contributing to the process. So I knew community had to be a huge part of it, and I never wanted this to center on just ZOEY JEAN, because it's not about me. I'm not particularly special. I have good self worth and know that I've been called to do great things, but I also believe that there are SO many other people who are completely as capable as I am when it comes to having a positive impact on the world. Luminous is my invitation for people to do just that.  

I want to harness social media, something so prevalently used, as a means for spreading good. Good news, good ideas, good images, just goodness in general. Then I want to challenge people to take those 2D habits and bring it to 3D. Speak good words out loud, not just behind a screen or keyboard. Encourage people OUT LOUD, in front of them, with sincerity. Some people love and encourage others by giving gifts - and it's a proven way of receiving love as well! That's what our Zeal Box is for - it's a care package we've created so you have a tangible way to let someone know you're thinking of them & they matter. 

I also knew I wanted to put purpose behind the other products in our shop as well. When you wear something from the Luminous shop, you become a walking conversation piece for this positive lifestyle, and it's a reminder for yourself as well. 

My friend Kyla sent me a cuff she made from her jewelry shop that says "Live Luminous" and in her note she told me to "wear it as a reminder of what you've started and to keep going with it."

My ultimate goal with this movement is for more people to look at themselves for even just a moment and realize their capabilities. Realize the impressions they are putting into the world every day, especially through social media. Words hold such power, spoken or typed, and we want to use our words for good.






It's all contagious.

If you think you're not having an impact on this world, you're completely wrong.

It's just up to you if it's gonna be a negative one, or a ridiculously brilliant one. 


// Zoey Jean //