the Zeal Box 

Zeal (n.) : "to have fervor (great warmth) for a person, object, or cause."

We've created a care package filled with thoughtfully selected feel-good items from companies we believe in - making you one click away from positively impacting someone in your life. 

Zeal means to have great warmth or excitement for:

a person: when you send someone a Zeal Box, this gesture is letting them know they're worth celebrating! Who do you want to encourage, uplift, thank, or just let them know you're thinking of them with this gift?

an object: the contents of our Zeal Box are thoughtfully selected by our founder Zoey, partnering with businesses who are on board with the Luminous lifestyle. Your purchase is supporting the small businesses represented in the box, which are run by REAL individuals working to make their dreams a reality and create the life they want to be living. We'll support THAT! 

a cause: the cause of the Zeal Box is to spread encouragement and thoughtfulness through something as simple as a package. When Luminous was just starting to get off the ground, our founder received a surprise care-package from a friend, encouraging her to breathe and keep going with the mission of Luminous. That package was the inspiration behind the Zeal Box - if she was so positively impacted by the thoughtful act, there's a whole world of other people that could use that encouragement as well! 

this season's box contents: 

Zeal Box
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THE CREATED CO. "Joy Comes in the Morning" Mug 

ONE MORNING SHOP Lavender & Amber 4oz Candle 

LITTLE BATCH CO. Natural Handmade Soap